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These are the Nebbiolo vintages we imbibed over the course of recording this podcast.

Nebbiolo is a grape that tends to evoke certain images in the mind’s eye.  It evokes images of fog-shrouded mountains in Northern Italy, mysterious and ethereal.

In this podcast, I drink with Emil Molin, Joe Bechard, Kris Pothier, Dean Pfanis, and Steven Elston. The focus of this podcast is Nebbiolo.

Some grapes in Arizona do amazing things that compete directly (or surpass) the wines made from them in their motherland, like Malvasia, or Graciano.  Other grapes do equally good things, like Teroldigo. Other grapes still, like Nebbiolo, just don’t seem to compare at all to the wines in their Urheimat. Why does Nebbiolo fall into this category? Take a listen and find out.