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I’ve delayed posting this podcast for a long time because of Reasons, but the camaraderie and wine should still be shared… and here it is!  Finally.

In this podcast, my friends Abby, Chad, James and myself compare the Wild Will E. Cox from Chateau Tumbleweed (100% Arizona grapes) to a classic Vieux Telegraphe Châteauneuf-du-Pape from the Rhone, while eating a really fancy meal cooked up by Abby, one of the masters of the Flat Iron. Who will win? You’ll possibly be surprised.

Rhone vs. Arizona

(Since I hate clickbait, I’ll tell you. Arizona wins… but not because of why you would think.)

This podcast, recorded back in July, is kind of the first in the “Let’s compare Arizona versus the World” series I’ve been doing a lot of lately. Consider this the first Rhone vs. Arizona podcast.

Rhone vs. Arizona

The food was amazing. Thanks again, Abby and Chad!