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As much as I hate to say this, the summer of Rosé reviews is almost over; I have just a few more vintages of Rosé in my stash. (Now that being said, there are plenty of fantastic Arizona Rosé wines I just won’t have time to get to, either because I don’t have them or because I just don’t have the time to examine almost 50 different vintages of this fantastic style.) That being said, I have saved this bottle for towards the end of this exploration, due to the high accolades the 2015 Bodega Pierce Rosé obtained at the Arizona Republic/AWGA gala all the way back in January.

2015 Bodega Pierce Rosé

The 2015 Rosé from Bodega Pierce in the refreshing waters of Bitter Creek.

The Wine: The 2015 Bodega Pierce Rosé is made of 100% Grenache, sourced from Rolling View Vineyards, in the heart of the Willcox AVA. According to Michael Pierce, the winemaker, this pick of Grenache was made earlier than the remainder of the fruit which was destined to be made as a red wine. The purpose for the slightly earlier pick was to retain acidity. The fruit went straight to press and was settled in stainless.  This vintage then underwent fermentation in barrel, with no ML and with a few weeks sur lie aging. The wine is a salmon pink hue. This wine won Best Rosé in the AWGA/Arizona Republic competition last January (if I’m remembering right; I can’t seem to find the actual award listing anywhere.)

The Nose: The wine opens with notes of apricot, peach, nectarine, and raspberry, intermingling with hints of mint, goji berry, and crushed grass. As this wine opens, additional notes of hibiscus and rosehips emerge from the glass, as well as a scent reminiscent of toasted sourdough bread, and a hint of citrus.

The Palate: The 2015 Bodega Pierce Rosé is a full-bodied Rosé with medium acidity. Apricot, peach, and raspberry notes are repeated on the palate, with additional hints of vanilla, grass, and mint. The finish of this wine lasts for about 30 seconds, with notes of apricot, pomelo, sea-salt, and limestone rounding out the palate.   

The Pairing: Since this is a fuller-bodied Rosé, this wine allows for a different suite of pairing options. I personally would pair this wine with some sort of quiche featuring a trinity of gruyere, green chile, and bacon…. or a really nice gyro. I could also envision this wine pairing well with salmon, or some sort of lighter, mushroom-themed pasta dish.  Suffice to say I feel this wine will be very versatile.

Impressions: The 2015 Bodega Pierce Rosé is a beach bum, who prefers to spend his time searching for sunken pirate treasure throughout the summer, and works as a chef in the off season, when it’s too cold to be at the Beach. Once he strikes it rich, he hopes to build his own restaurant.

You *could* cellar this wine for another year, but personally, I’d serve it with a nice summer brunch right about… Now.

2015 Bodega Pierce Rosé

It was really hard to decide which of these photos to use… so why not both?