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Many of you know that, by and large, I’m not a huge fan of Arizona Grenache as a stand-alone varietal wine, but there are some exceptions to that rule. Most of those, in fact, come in the form of rosé. In fact, I feel that Grenache is probably one of the top rosé grapes for Arizona production. One of those aforementioned exceptions this year is the 2014 Sonoita Grenache Rosé, from Callaghan Vineyards. Kent’s rosé is pretty good; long-time readers may remember my review of his 2013 vintage.

2014 Sonoita Grenache Rosé

The 2014 Sonoita Dry Grenache Rosé: a fun wine to sip in the mountain forest.

The Wine: This wine was made with 100% Grenache, sourced from Kent Callaghan’s estate vineyard in the Sonoita AVA.  The wine was on the skins for 18 hours, before press, and then underwent fermentation and aging in neutral barrels. The wine is a lovely salmon pink, with a slight orange tinge.

The Nose:  The biggest note in the aroma of this wine when first poured into the glass is blood orange, which I found to be pretty awesome.  Additional notes of raspberry, apricot, rosehips, intermingling with gardenia, honeysuckle, and cliff rose.  Hints of vanilla, petrichor, and bay leaves round out the nose.

The Palate:  This wine has lots of juicy acidity, with notes of tangerine and pomelo, intermingling with honeysuckle, apricot, and sage. The 2014 Sonoita Grenache Rosé has an earthy mid-palate as well.  The finish lasts for 38 seconds, with notes of sage, sea salt, rosehips, and blood orange.  It is a unique flavor profile.

The Pairing: Because of the unique flavor profile of the 2014 Sonoita Grenache Rosé, my first instinct is to pair this wine with Korean BBQ, more than anything else. It would also work with bratwurst and other summer cook-out foods as well. You could also pair this wine with a mountain forest on a mid-summer’s day like I did.

Impressions: I really dig the 2014 Sonoita Grenache Rosé, more than the 2013 vintage. It’s also completely different from the Waverly Rosé, also in Kent’s tasting room right now, which is also good.  (I’ll likely be reviewing that before the end of summer.)  I’d drink this now if you have it, but the acidity should allow it to age for another year or so.

This wine, personified, *is* the woman on the label.  It is a fantastic personification of summer. Sometimes, you just need to lay down on your back in a mountain forest with a good glass of Rosé.