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This Warning: this might be the nerdiest podcast I’ve ever done. EVER. But those who are geeks about music history, Byzantine chant, Bordeaux Blends, Orthodox Theology, Baroque Music, or all of the above will probably like this episode quite a bit.

Unión de Tres Rojos

The Unión de Tres Rojos is a lovely Bordeaux-style blend made from grapes from both Sonoita and Willcox, AZ

In this episode, my girlfriend and I sit with Richard Barrett, a member of Capella Romana, and his wife Megan Barrett. Along with wine, (the Unión de Tres Rojos, from Flying Leap Vineyards) we also talk Byzantine music, focusing (sort of) on the evolution of said music from Greco-Roman Roots, the flexibility of Byzantine Chant… and why if it’s not Baroque, you shouldn’t fix it. And a lot of other things!

The reason for the choice of the Unión de Tres Rojos, as you might expect, was theological in origin: what better choice of a wine to drink when we’re chatting about topics tangential to Eastern Orthodox Theology?

For those interested in Byzantine Music/Chant, Richard Barrett will be starting his own podcast soon on Ancient Faith Radio, which I will link here as soon as it’s started up.