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The hot Arizona summer is typified (to me, at least) by the loud buzzing of cicadas hidden in what greenery remains alive as the sun burns its way across the landscape, and the fruity bite of a chilled glass of rosé as I try to beat that heat. The 2016 Cicada Rosé neatly forms the center of a Venn diagram for me. Therefore, this wine to me strikes me as a potential archetype for “summer rosé,” which is why I’ve saved this wine for towards the end of our Summer of Rosé.

2016 Cicada Rosé

The 2016 Cicada Rosé, at Watson Lake, near Prescott.

The Wine:  The 2016 Cicada Rosé is made from 100% Sangiovese, sourced from Carlson Creek Vineyard in the Willcox AVA.  The grapes were cold-soaked for about three days, then pressed.  The wine was fermented in stainless steel, then aged for four months in barrels of Neutral French Oak. The winemaker was John Scarbrough. It is a light, yet vibrant rose-pink shade.

The Nose: This wine opens with floral aromas of Gardenia, honeysuckle, and lilac, intermingling with more prosaic notes of rosehips, strawberry, and raspberry.  As the wine opens, additional notes of sea salt and toasted marshmallow emerge from the glass.

The Palate:  The 2016 Cicada Rosé opens with notes of crisp red apple, intermingling with notes of raspberry, white cherry, yeasty character, rosehips, vanilla, and rosemary. This wine is light and airy, with good acidity. The finish lasts for 39 seconds, with notes of bitter herbs, notes of bee mint, red fruits, limestone minerality, rosehips, and lilac.

The Pairing: I want to pair this wine with a shrimp-based pasta (scampi, or some sort of garlic parmesan number). Sharp white cheeses will also work, as will salmon or scallops.  Or, a hot summer day.

Impressions: The 2016 Cicada Rosé is a great rosé that actually reminds me a little of Muscadet, due to that slight yeasty character on the palate.  It is a fun summer Sangiovese; something not to be sneezed at.

A little light, a little airy, this wine makes me think of an artistic hippy fond of wearing pink, who has an entomology background.  She makes homemade jewelry on Etsy from dried iridescent beetles, or hand-forges insects from silver and gold using the lost-wax method.


This wine is delicately feminine

delicately feminine.