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I found three vintages of Gewürztraminer by the side of the road… 

Gewürztraminer is one of the noble varietals of Alsace, and I decided I needed to compare one of these classics of the Old World to Arizona Stronghold’s major award winner, side-by-side. Then, while visiting Rhode Island with The Cider Wench, we found a bottle from Newport Vineyards, in the Southern New England AVA, which also claimed to be Alsatian style.

Here’s a sentence you never thought you’d see: Welcome to the Battle of the Gewürztraminers!  Who will win?  Who is more like the Motherland? Can Arizona stand up to Alsace? Can New England? What does Alsatian style even *mean*?

Also, some of my impressions of New England wines can be found in this podcast. Please stay tuned for a full blog post about my trip, coming… before the end of the month, I promise. For now, enjoy this podcast I recorded in the midst of my travels, centered upon a direct comparison of these three bottles.