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Vermentino and cab podcast

To be fair, we drank from all three bottles, but only two make it into the podcast. It was a fun night.

This is a bit of a long podcast, but it was a fun one to record and was made entirely spur of the moment. Amber came into the tasting room, told me she was studying wine in Italy, we had a great time geeking out about wine, and was really curious to learn the details of our wine industry here in Arizona.  Along the way, she said she loved Vermentino. It just so happened that I had a Vermentino made by Rob Hammelman, one of the best winemakers in Arizona. I offered to bring it by her hotel later if she’d be willing to record a podcast, and the rest is history.

The other bottle that’s imbibed over the course of this podcast is the Cabernet Sauvignon from the Southwest Wine Center, that was amphorae fermented and underwent carbonic maceration, a la Beaujolais style. She was interested in what the students were doing there, and I thought this would be the best demonstration I could make, as I thought this particular wine was quite fascinating, as a comparison of sorts between where she was studying and what some of my friends around here are doing.

I sent a couple bottles back with her to take to Tuscan winemakers, and she’s promised to let me know what they think!

This is also the first podcast with one of the new opening things that have been submitted for the contest; this theme was created by Derek J. Power.

Enjoy, guys!


Amber with the vermentino.