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Long-time readers, and listeners of my podcast series know one thing. Namely, that whenever Gary Kurtz of Greater Than Wines and I hang out, hilarity ensues.  (I sometimes consider that we should probably call any podcast we record “Project Wine Mayhem”.)  You also know that we both really love Sangiovese.  It’s high time we drank one together.

In this podcast, Gary Kurtz from Greater than Wines, a mouthy robot named BB-8, and I drink the 2012 “5” Sangiovese from Sand-Reckoner vineyard. This one is pretty entertaining since this was recorded the week when my voice was shot…


Suffice to say we were both deeply pleased by this vintage.  The Sand-Reckoner 5 is no exception! And with Star Wars coming out today… well, it seems like a nice callout.

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