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By now it should be patently obvious that I am a tremendous fan of Arizona’s Rosé offerings, across the board.  There’s nothing like a good brosé day with my gentleman friends, and with that in mind, as the cold temperatures rapidly approach and the leaves turn to gold and flames upon the trees before falling to earth, let’s drink a rosé from one of my favorite winemakers in the state.  And, as nice as Grenache-based rosé is… I really dig Nebbiolo rosé even more.

Also for the record, I had way too much fun shooting photos of this wine that it’s hard for me to choose just a couple for this post.  I will be uploading a photo album soon on facebook.

Sand-Reckoner Vineyards: 2014 Nebbiolo Rosé

The Wine: The 2014 Sand-Reckoner Rosé is 100% Nebbiolo, from Cochise County.  I am awaiting further production notes from Rob Hammelman at this time before saying more, but I am pretty sure this wine was fermented in stainless steel, and also I’m guessing spent three days on the skins prior to press.  It has that lovely salmon pink color I’ve come to expect from Nebbiolo rosé in Arizona. The winemaker of course was Rob Hammelman.

The Nose: The 2014 Sand-Reckoner Rosé opens with notes of rosehips, grapefruit, apple, and strawberry.  As the wine opens, additional notes of Willcox dust, cinnamon, and raspberry emerge.

The Palate:  The palate of this rose is filled with bright notes of persimmon, rosehips, grapefruit, and, surprising to me, apple.  As the wine opens up, notes of limestone and raspberry intermingle with a slight hint of anise and rosemary.  There are light tannins present–which is to be expected from Nebbiolo-made .  The acidity is decent; not as high I feel as previous vintages, but that gives this wine a unique quality and different pairing options.  The finish lasts for 1 minute and 12 seconds, and is filled with persimmon, anise, and limestone dust.

The Pairing: I first paired this wine with a nice hike to a local waterfall,  but day-drinking on the porch or the patio is definitely an option.  I also paired this wine with some hot wings with ranch and blue cheese and was not dissapointed.  As per my rules for rose, pair this with finger foods.  Salmon with some Spanish rice would also likely work brilliantly.

Impression:  I’m decidedly inclined towards Nebbiolo being one of Arizona’s best rosé grapes, along with Grenache and Sangiovese. and this is one of the best examples out there.  It could cellar until next summer… but why, why would you ever wait?

This wine is a very friendly, polite, and fun astrophysicist, who also is a great cook. She’s fantastic company, and is fond of incorrigible space puns, much to the consternation of everyone around her.  She also enjoys hikes in the woods on fall days. Overall, this wine is intensely personable.