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Pavle Milic is kind of a superstar in the food world of Arizona. As co-owner of FnB, a gastropub focusing on local agricultural products, it is perhaps no wonder that he is an avid supporter of the Arizona industry, with many dinners occurring with local winemakers throughout the course of the year (the most famous perhaps being the Rabbit Island Brunch series, which I *almost* managed to go on earlier this year… dang weather).  With this in mind, it is not surprising at all that he’s created his own label in conjunction with the aid of Todd Bostock at Dos Cabezas, which can sometimes be the easiest Arizona wines to find in local supermarkets such as Whole Foods and AJ’s.


2014 Ita’s Rosé from Los Milics

The Wine: This was the first Los Milics rosé vintage.  The 2014 vintage is made from 85% Mourvèdre and 15% Garnacha.  This wine was barrel fermented in neutral French oak. The Mourvèdre in this vintage is what gives this wine the deep pink color like the clouds at that perfect monsoon sunrise or sunset. The grapes for this wine came from Todd Bostock’s Cimmaron Vineyard, on the Willcox Bench.  The wine is named for Pavle’s wife, Ita.

The Nose: The nose of this wine belies its Willcox heritage; there’s no Sonoita tangerine. Bright apple, strawberry, raspberry, and peach notes fill the nose; intermingling with more subtle notes of vanilla, and Willcox dust.

The Palate:  Notes of apple, peach, raspberry, soft cherry, and nectarine open up on the palate. As the wine opens, hints of vanilla and baking spice emerge, intermingling with the. Willcox limestone-style minerality/dust which is so typical of wines from the bench. The vanilla notes are clearly a result of the barrel fermentation.  There’s also great acidity in this vintage.  The finish of this wine lasts for 2 minutes , and is filled with notes of raspberry, mint, and dust.

The Pairing: Like most rosés in Arizona, I want to pair this with finger foods, like hot wings, but this will also pair beautifully with falafel and a side of baba ganoush.

Impressions: This is a rich, splendid rosé with a lot of character, great to drink on the deck while watching the monsoon storms build.  Well-structured, the Ita’s is a great Rhone-style rose from Arizona that should be a little easier to find than some others in the state.

As for the personification, the Ita’s is delicate, yet firm.  I get the impression that this wine would be a musician, focused on classical, acoustic guitar. She was born far away, and for some reason can never return home; most of her music is based upon memories of her childhood from the mountains of her homeland.