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Golden Rule Vineyards, located near Willcox, is still one of the few vineyards in Arizona where I have not yet set foot. However, I have visited with them several times at different wine festivals. They have a whole bunch of interesting reds from their vineyard location, and great pistachios that you can eat like candy. Although it is decidedly late in the season, I was feeling like a rosé would be nice, and the 2014 Copper Queen fit the bill.


The Wine:  the 2014 Copper Queen is a rosé made from 100% Sangiovese, grown at Golden Rule Vineyards, near Dragoon, Arizona. It is a masceration-style one, and the grapes were pressed after a few days on the skins, then aged in steel.  The name, of course, comes from the name of the main mine associated with Bisbee; Golden Rule names many of their wines after the rich history of mining in early Arizona.  It’s a nice copper-pink color, which suits the name for this wine very well.

The Nose: The nose of this wine is slightly spicy, and slightly bitter; the predominant note therefore is very reminicent of White Chocolate more than anything else. Notes of grapefruit and raspberry also emerge on the nose of this wine.

The Palate:  White chocolate once again is the predominant note on the palate, with some slight earthyness and grapefruit.  Flint and white chocolate form the predominant notes on the finish.  I feel there may be a slight bit of residual sugar; if so, there’s not much, and it rounds out the palate quite nicely.  The finish lasts for 27 seconds.

Pairing:  This would be a good wine for the intermediate course for your family Christmas dinner, as I think this would pair well with turkey, or seafood.  You could also drink it on it’s own as an appertif.  Aim for a vegan quiche if you desire a non-carnivorous pairing.

Impressions: This wine has a pretty simple taste profile, but that, as I have stated before, is not a bad thing.  Simple means easily drinkable, and sometimes enjoyable in a wider variety of moments.  It’s a good, solid rosé of Sangiovese.  This wine is your best female friend wearing a dress on the last day of fall where it’s possible.  It’s going to snow tomorrow, and then comes the cold for the rest of the year.  But today, it’s bright and sunny, so you go for a walk in the woods.

Bonus: Speaking of snow… I took a video of this wine in the snow that fell yesterday in Jerome.

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