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In this podcast, I drink the Willow White Seyval Blanc from D. A Ranch, with my friends Sarah and Greta from http://thesheafandvine.wordpress.com, discuss upcoming lent and ancient internet history, Hybrid varietals, Midwestern wine versus Arizona wines, and why I absolutely now refuse to date someone who likes White Zinfandel.

(Truly, truly, I say unto you, White Zinfandel is an abomination unto the Lord.)

Seyval Blanc in general is a pretty cool grape, and here’s my introduction to it!  (And once again, we meet D. A. Ranch.  I love them.)  Take a listen!  Also, I made this one downloadable, so you can take me with you on long car rides.  And be sure to check out Sarah’s blog.

Willow White Seyval Blanc, from Dancing Apache Vineyards, with spring flowers.

Willow White Seyval Blanc, from D.A. Ranch, with spring flowers.